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Stay wise and self-disciplined

The first day of coronavirus quarantine in my country. All borders are closed, the spaces of cities are empty, public transports functions but it is almost empty too. The only place where you can see more people – supermarkets.

Until there were quarantine means, one would not be able to comprehend the extent of the danger. Besides, at least yesterday everyone was walking in the parks, beach, enjoying the sunset as if they had not heard the call of the President, other authorities, and the medical profession – to isolate, not to get together, not to spread the virus.

Although it should be obvious to everyone looking at the Chinese, only self-discipline and quarantine can save today.

And if we are said to sit at home, let’s just sit down, let’s not complain that it is boring. After all, we are not sitting in the First World War trenches full of rats, having icy rain for weeks, and we are not Italian doctors on the frontline of congested hospitals against coronavirus, who face not only inhumane workload, the personal risk to life and health, but a dilemma who to treat and who to condemn for death.

In the new reality, let’s sit at home, be safe and preserve others, and smile at least few times a day, ponder some good things that are going to happen to us today, find them even in that quarantined reality, don’t give up to self-pity and anxiety because it is also the virus destroying the soul.

Today, as never we have to be wise, cold-blooded, in solidarity, and self-disciplined.

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  1. I don’t see the point of saving up. In my personal opinion, this is selfishness. Why don’t we think there might be people who didn’t have the money and didn’t buy the products they needed right now. But what do we not all think the same way. It is lacking and self-discipline. In my opinion, there should be more stringent measures.

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