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We closed … What's next?

We closed … What’s next? 

We’ll manage COVID-19 – it’s not worth questioning. The virus has come, the virus will come out. And people will continue to die. From oncology, heart disease, accidents. The old, the young, and the unborn will die. Some will die because the time has come, others will choose to leave without enduring what happened. And what about those who remain? It will not be like this was before coronavirus. It will not be for many of us… Such is true of this world. 

No matter how many economists say and teach you to have savings at least 4-6 months ahead, how many do you have? I’ll admit – I have. but very many do not. Single mothers raising children with disabilities, large families, families with only one adult and a substantial part of our society living “from pay to pay”. And where else are unexpected car, washing machine or fridge failures? All of them happen and the small reserves suddenly run out.

How many small business executives didn’t sleep at night and wonder what to do: declare bankruptcy, allow employees unpaid leave? Because they just have nothing to pay for severance pay and unused vacation. There is no reserve.

We will need to continually purchase food and hygiene products no matter what happens Someone will need to pay rent and see how we can negotiate and understand each other. See how much we are human to each other …There will be no major changes for those working in the system. Working remotely? OK, those people just are happy about this.

In the context of panic, despair, and fear, the peace, quick reaction, and problem-solving will be particularly demanding. These qualities were always needed, only they somehow drown in the sea of noise.

  • Do you have enough savings to endure coronavirus quarantine if it will be extended for a few months?

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  1. Well the supermarkets in some places are empty of toilet paper hand sanitiser etc but here in NZ we can get those things.
    We keep out people from overseas that refuse to go into self isolation for 14 days.

    Only have 20 people infected with the virus but quite a few in self isolation, Some restrictions, we won’t take cruise ships and probably close our borders to overseas visitors…

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