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Everything will be fine!

Our children joined us on the weekend our coronavirus quarantine at our home, so we decided it was worth buying more food as our city still is not much suffering from this virus. And then we will not leave our home for at least a couple of weeks (depends on the situation). Children’s studies are done remotely, and my husband and I also stop all active activities, we left only some works that can be done online.

Undoubtedly, anxiety is plaguing us all today. Today, I almost broke being overwhelmed by the sorrow and anxiety that like a virus infecting my soul.

There was a queue outside the supermarket outside – a pleasant smiling watchman politely and calmly told everyone that for the safety of us all, only a group of people were allowed into the shop. We all stood at least a meter in the queue, looking up and sincerely smiling at each other, shrugging, and understanding, “What to do, we’re all in the same circle of hells'”.

The shelves were quite empty already but the workers added new items to the empty shelves. People were shopping, and shopping quite many products, it was clear that all are buying more than usual.

When I turned to the flour and sugar section, I saw an elegant woman about 80 years age, all so fragile, osteoporotic with red lips and red-lacquered nails, trying to climb and reach the sugar on the top shelf because the bottom shelf was empty. I jumped to her and quietly, not to be frightened, I said, “I’ll take off, climb down, madam, it’s dangerous.” I brought her sugar and put it in the basket. The elegant lady rushed to thank me, and I, seeing the teardrop diamonds shimmering in her eyes, got teary too. Wished her “good day, madam, protect yourself,” I ran across the shelves like a sentimental mouse.

Forcing myself not to cry, I wondered how she would endure that quarantine alone, whether she would bake cakes and eat them alone, whether will sweeten tea and bleak days, or has she a garden to which at least she could go out, or may she lives in the apartment where will close herself for months…

At last, I finished shopping, and when was pushing my cart out of the box office, I heard a shopper just coming back from England told salesmen that England was so panicky that there was nothing in the shops, not even champagne, so she was glad she could at least find here these drops of consolation for quarantine…

I think we have no right to complain and to give in to self-pity. Man is strong and persevering when needed, and if he wants to, he mobilizes, does not give up spiritually. Everything will be fine!

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  1. So wonderful you helped that lady. I often stay alone all the time but this virus is not going to keep me from going outside for a walk. The streets are always fairly empty and I can go down to the beach which is also not too crowded.

    • Living alone is perfect for staying healthy. I also have a path for my walks but I do not abuse this my habit now too much, but of course, sometimes I will take a short walk as there are not many people on this track.

  2. This is a touching post. I live in England, and it’s true, the panic-buying has reached really insane levels here, but it’s not true that there is *nothing* left in the shops at all! Or maybe it depends on the area you live. In my neck of the woods, a lot of the shelves are bare, but the stores aren’t completely empty of stuff at all. It seems to be toilet paper that is becoming very hard to get now! I went in to my local supermarket today and there was none in there at all, shelves bare, but I don’t know about other shops. The supermarkets really do need to start rationing purchases, and some of them are doing that already, i.e.having a rule that no one can buy more than 2 packets of toilet roll, for example.


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