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Atypical phase of life full of anxiety?

Almost the whole world is covered by a coronavirus. Not just the virus, but the anxiety too. Unstructured thoughts in an unstructured situation. The anxiety quickly puts everything in the drawer and solves any problems from its position. And here is a situation where it is not clear how it will end. Should we believe that everything will be OK? Really? When we were told about impending deaths and that older relatives are at a particular risk of loss.

And now the tide of financial issues is rising so fast. All countries covered by this COVID-19 already have and will suffer, significant financial losses. When one stops working, one message is clear – finances are shaking. And how good it is for those who have taken care of their finances in advance. For weeks or even months. Are you one of them?

And now check out the social media feed. From heroism to extreme anger. When prayer is heard even in the background. So how to stay calm in this whole background?

Think again: it’s unclear how long isolation, stops trading, closed clinics, travel plans are canceled, you can’t meet others … That is the best recipe for anxiety.

One can look at everything with just a smile. Only if it’s a constant smile when those around you worry, isn’t it real? It can be more just a mask. Others are potentially preparing for the end of the world. They may have already purchased enough food and other supplies to support the whole family until the fall. And what about properly-staying calm?

To keep up to date with news – I think it is wrong. It’s not even completely news. We now follow other people’s emotional reactions more. The behavior of those who stuck at the border, the survival of those who went to the COVID carousel, the anger of those who did not receive medical services. This is not news yet. This is the countries’ reaction to insecurity. Yes, we need to know what’s going on. But the news here is simple – a virus that we have not yet managed, we just manage to pause it, we need isolation. We just need to isolate ourselves and communicate with people close to us through technology. 

It’s all. And wait for further instructions. Because we are not virologists who decide which garlic or sunbath will help us. This is where our atypical phase of life has just begun.

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