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Spring saffron

Spring is here. Spring saffron is a species in the iris family. It is one of the first spring flowers on our lawns. Due to its frequency, it may be less interesting than other early spring flowers. Various colored specimens can be found on meadows, orchards, forest edges and logs, from pure white to strong specimens. It has a generally purple floral dress, 3.5 to 5 cm long, and furrows longer than the anthers, which are three, and the petals are six. The plant has a round flat tuber in the soil, surrounded by a brown skin. A tubular flower emerges from the tubers. The leaves are long and have a white line throughout. They are connected by white skins. When the saffron blooms, the leaves develop strongly to allow the tubers to ripen.

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  1. Interesting post and lovely pic. Are you sure saffron is related to irises though? I thought it was a type of crocus. Or are crocuses a type of iris too? Saffron stamens are what the culinary spice is made of, I believe.

    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, my friend….I do not know if saffron is associated with irises … so much I do not know about flowers …. but it is related to culinary spice

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