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Spotlighting Our Members ~ txatxy

I decided to start something new. Some of you have been doing this already. When I have time I will pick a member and spotlight three of your older posts. 

Just so you all know, EVERY member deserves to be spotlighted. I am only one person. I spotlight at random. No criteria is used. No favoritism. And I have asked others to join the challenge. I am only trying to help. 

As for getting extra points, NEVER my intention. Only trying to remind you there are older posts out there that deserve to be viewed. All posts and members deserve to be viewed. This is only another way to try to get views up. 

If you don’t want to participate, not a problem at all.

Maybe you could come up with another idea to increase views. 

Hopefully this will help you get more views and I will always share your older posts. Some of the posts have not been seen by the newer members.

I will use the tag #spotlighting for this challenge. 

Here is a little bio from txatxy’s profile: 

Hi, I’m txatxyI live in Bilbao, Basque Country, SpainI love the crafts and also photography, I am amateur, I carry a small canon in my bag she accompanies me to all places, I also have her older sister a PentaxK20 and she leaves home when I go to other places to spend the day.

The above photo is from one of ©txatxy’s posts as well. Here are three posts for you to visit if you want, when you have time:

Pink and passion flower by txatxy

Learning With Photoshop By Txatxy

Raptor Claws By Txatxy

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What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Carol, you are “THE” example of kindness, tolerance, and logic. What you are doing is a good thing for the site, the things you feature and the time you take to help others is amazing. You make not just Virily, but the world a better place. Anyone who doesn’t understand should take more time to really understand the powerful and beautiful people and relationships that are represented here. (Drop me a message if you don’t get it and I will take you one a walk to remember.)

    • You are so kind. I am doing this because I do care about the members here. I will not let anyone push me down. I will keep going ahead as long as I can. There are many posts and members who deserve the be uncovered, brought back to life.

  2. We have txatxy many longtime girlfriends from other sites. We both live in Spain. She is a very good photographer and has an incredible sense of editing photos. I have visited all her posts. It is worth the others to see this art of hers in photography. I’m glad he’s coming back to make us happy with his new posts.

    • Did not know you two were friends. She is incredible. I found older posts I had missed. I am enjoying doing this challenge if for nothing else, for that reason. Uncovering older jewels and sharing the beauty with others.

  3. I have never heard of this author. I would have missed the author.
    When I click your spotlighted post, I know there are three old posts that would be listed. So, I read one of them at random and return to others later.

  4. It’ll always be another side to the issue …
    I do think its a good idea to help users get notice and views…
    if its so much of a concern for embedded post then just do a link … it’ll take extra work tho and it’ll be less attractive without the cover picture

  5. You are very good, dear Carol … I think everyone can point to himself but if he just waits for someone to open and read his posts he won’t be noticed …. I found myself without any help

  6. Carol, this is a wonderful idea that only brings value to other users and doesn’t take anything away from anyone. I had tried to do something similar in the past and I had some negative response, but I may try again. Keep it up!


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