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Spotlighting Our Members ~ The Frugal Lady

When I have time I will pick a member and spotlight three of your older posts. 

Just so you all know, EVERY member deserves to be spotlighted. I am only one person. I spotlight at random. No criteria is used. No favoritism. And I have asked others to join the challenge. I am only trying to help. 

As for getting extra points, NEVER my intention. Only trying to remind you there are older posts out there that deserve to be viewed. All posts and members deserve to be viewed. This is only another way to try to get views up. 

If you don’t want to participate, not a problem at all.

Maybe you could come up with another idea to increase views. 

Hopefully this will help you get more views and I will always share your older posts. Some of the posts have not been seen by the newer members.

I will use the tag #spotlighting for this challenge. 

The above photo is from one of the_frugal_lady ‘s posts as well. 

Here are three posts for you to visit if you want, when you have time:

Storage solutions

Credit card fees add up…

Save money on health care

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  1. Because we are limited in views and comments, I always look so that I open and comment on my close friends …. yesterday I missed your last post, so I open and comment only today …. if I have something left then look at another the other

  2. Yeah, someone has made a big fuzz about the embedded posts and getting extra points. I tried to explain that the Virily techies can always reject a post if they would notice that it would hurt their system. I even have at least two submissions that were rejected (I did not get the email telling me the reason though)

    Since there are already a number of posts with embedded posts, I suppose it’s fine with them.

    Anyways, I do agree that this is one way to help other members get noticed.


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