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Spinach for health

I live in the countryside and have a garden where I grow vegetables. Spinach has been very abundant this year. Spinach is a true testament to how nature can take care of our needs. It provides vitamins and minerals when our body needs them the most. Although spinach is known as a food for strength because of the famous character of Popeye, it is anything but, as it protects against inflammation, stress, cardiovascular and bone problems. It contains many vitamins, among which are vitamin C and E. It also contains sufficient amounts of ballast, a lot of magnesium, as well as iron, iodine, sodium, phosphorus and more. It is also a rare vitamin K-rich food that is even more important for healthy bones. A cup of cooked spinach provides about 35 percent of the recommended daily amount of iron in the body.

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Written by vidocka

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  1. Spinach was one of the vegetables my mother never cooked. If she didn’t like it, she didn’t cook it! I tried all kinds of veggies when I got out of the house. I learned that I love brussels sprouts, broccoli and like others like cauliflower and spinach. I prefer spinach fresh and raw added to my salads. My husband prefers it cooked.

    • I did not eat spinach at my young age. My mom didn’t cook spinach either. I got to know these vegetables quite late, but now I admire them. I have spinach in the garden so I saved it for the whole winter.

  2. I voted no to spinach because I can’t stand cooked spinach, but a few leaves in with my regular salad is ok. I find the taste very strong so I can eat it only in small doses. Thanks for this post about spinach.

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