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Speaking my mind

Speaking my mind has got me into hot water at times especially in online communities but I do think it’s important to say what you are thinking and feeling. I have never been one to hold back if someone tries to be unpleasant and will also stick  up for my friends too. There are times when it has ended in arguments  but I guess that is just my nature.

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Written by Linda Mansfield


  1. Speaking your mind can cause trouble, but probably less than “writing your mind”. If you say something, you can always deny it later – unless there was a microphone in the vicinity! – but the written word (in whatever medium) is there literally in black and white.

    I have often written angry words then thought long and hard about whether to send them off and decided not to do so – usually a wise move!

  2. It happens to me all the time as I stay outspoken even when others remain non-committal. I am happier this way as I prefer expressing myself than holding back.

  3. I mostly say what I mean … but if I see that this would be a tie, I’d rather bite into the tongue and withdraw … I’m not a conflicted person