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Song Saturday The Moon Song

I am influenced by many writers. Some that I rea their books or poems. Some that I read on the blogging sites I post to and interact with.

Today I am sharing a song I used to sing to my kids many years ago.

The moon song!

I was inspired by Dawn’s post of yesterday talking about the moon. I remember watching the moon as a child, In the summer of 1969 i stared at the moon every day of the summer. I watched the moon. I watched the steps. The moon became my friend that summer.

Now I check the sky. Is the moon rising during the day? Is the moon full or is the moon waning?

When my daughter was little i sang this song to her. I actually wrote the song, created the words and it was my daughter’s favorite part of bedtime.

I sang the Moon Song at my daughter’s wedding. The moon song, words and music by DocAndersen!

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I used to sing to my boys whatever i thought they needed it, mostly made up on the spur of the moment. My older son and I have some special songs we sing if either of us are sick. He was sick so often when he was little and I always made up songs to cheer him up.


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