Sometimes it is ok just to smile and keep on moving!

I am trying to keep a positive attitude right now. I wandered a little of the emotional area I am in. I have watched the decline and fall of a few writing sites. I am willing to stay until the end. I will confine to the fight. I would ask that everyone continue to send notes to the admin team; I am sure they are working on a fix. But still, three days without comments is killing people’s incentives.

The only way to earn more on the site is the conversations on your posts. Without the ability o reply to comments, we are stuck with a terrible situation for everyone. To top that off, we have authors with seats that haven’t been able to post or have their positions approved. I would love to see what can be done about the two huge issues on the site right now.

We need to see the comments!

Authors need their posts to approve.

I know of a couple of the writers that left, and I understand that choice. I would hope that all of you will stay and grow with us!

I won’t spend any more time today, a concise post for me. I know that each of us can and will find our inner path to move forward. As I said in my wander project, I almost didn’t post today, but I did in the end. It was a difficult decision, and I am not proud of the inner argument I had this morning. Sometimes we have to stop and take a hard look at what we are doing.

A huge thank you to everyone here that is commenting and keeping the site moving forward!

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  • Sorry about comments being invisible – i am sure we are all frustrated, right?

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  1. I sure hope this thing with the comments is not the final white flag waving. I still have hope for this site but hey, if there is no solution how long can we keep this up? My notifications are piling up I have been saving them because I am hoping to see the comments but it is getting to be a bad kind of situation to be in.

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