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Slovenian forests

I used this beautiful sunny day and headed for a long walk through the forest. Since I live in the village, there are many forests and pleasant paths around me. Slovenia is a land of forests. With it is covered about 3/5 of the surface, which means that almost every Slovenian place is near the forest. Slovenes are closely connected with the forest, and on good days, numerous walkers and recreational people can be found in suburban forests. In the past, the forest covered almost all the territory of Slovenia to a height of about 1,800 m. When the first inhabitants settled down, his grubbing began. The first settlers were the source of wood for the construction of dwellings, heating, cooking and a number of products, and with its shrinkage they acquired soil for crop production. In the forest they hunted game and harvested forest fruits. Forest is an intricately intertwined group of plants, animals and microorganisms. In Slovenian forests there are 950 plant species. Of these, 71 are tree species (10 conifers and 61 deciduous trees). It is also possible to find some foreign tree species that have been brought to us from elsewhere (douglas, green pine, red oak, robin, …). The most widespread tree species are beech and spruce. The forest is home to 95 bird species, 70 mammalian species, 17 amphibian species and 10 species of reptiles.

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  1. It’s definitely a good place to relax. I have visited a certain place some years back with a dense forest. You would feel the sudden drop in temperature once you enter the vicinity. I wish I could visit that place again.

  2. Beautiful serene looking forest. Yes we still have a lot of forests in Canada although none too close to where I live. But we have several wooded park areas that I have walked through and in which I met racoon’s, deer’s, skunks, several birds etc…

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