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Sky Sunday – I cannot change that I love the sunset!

I have noticed a great desire for change in the last few days, on Virily. 

I kept thinking what could be the reason for me to want a change at this moment. I have come to the conclusion that the only reason that would make me change something is that  I do not like what I do now! But hey,  I love what I do, I love the challenges I set myself so I will continue what I have done so far on Virily!

Everything around us is in a continuous change  and we evolve  from moment to moment, whether we are aware of it or not.

  • I can’t change what I love, can you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. I was thinking the change would come in a form that I still post what I love, but then try branching out and doing something different. It could be as simple as I love rice but try pasta for once. Not giving rice up, just trying pasta, that’s all.

    We all love the sky photos… they’re great and need not be changed!
    But if you turn your camera say 45 degrees downwards, you can share photos of grass with us too 🙂

    • Oh! I thought my photos were varied enough so that they would not become boring to anyone! I approached all kinds of photography, macro, landscape, streetphotography, portret.. not only sky photos in my posts. My camera has been turned in all directions: to the sky, to earth, water. I rotated it from 0°- 360° not only to 45. I’ll do the same again. I will certainly not approach philosophy, I will not write novels, I will not approach medical topics in my posts, because it is not my domain! I will continue with the photography because I am proud of my photos, because they are mine, not taken from the net!

  2. The only thing that is constant is change whether we like it or not. Just move with the flow.

    Those clouds are mesmerizing. We never get to see such colours out here.

    • You are right! The same thing was said by Heraclitus 2500 years ago. “The only constant is change and no man ever steps in the same river twice”.
      In this area the clouds get wonderful colors. Probably due to the humid atmosphere.

  3. Funny thing just happened, looks like we both posted a sky photo at the same time. Which I will continue doing. My post did not by any means mean for you, or anyone else to change what you are posting. Only looking for new ideas perhaps. Beautiful photos, as always.