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Sunset at Hólmavík ~ Photo Challenge Day 3

My day 3 entry in the 365 Photos Challenge. My entry today is a photo of a sunset at Hólmavík, Iceland.

Hólmavík is a very small town in Westfjord, Iceland. One of my favorite place in Iceland and I try to travel there at least ones every summer. The Westfjords are a peninsula of many narrow fjords, high mountains, and barren landscape. But this landscape makes things like sunrise and sunsets often spectacular. Because in the morning and evening there comes a fog from the sea that often totally encapsulate everything, but when it lifts up and the sun breaks thru the rest of the fog and clouds, it’s special.

To sit outside my caravan in the evening and watch the sun going down in the Westfjords, it’s like heaven.

Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.


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    • Thank you, Kim! Yes, the sun was already behind the high mountains when the fog lifted, but often that is the best moments there because then the rays of the sun shine on the clouds from beneath and in that condition, so many colors show up. I often just sit and take a photo maybe every 5 minutes because one never knows what will happen next and sometimes I get many good photos that are all different because of the effect of the vanishing fog and movements of the clouds plus the sun shining on them from different angles.