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Silhouette Saturday – Peace of mind

Peace of mind is when you are not tortured by unnecessary thoughts. When you don’t worry that tomorrow can happen something you don’t want. When you do not go where you do not want. When what you are doing is a joy to you. 

Peace is when you stop analyzing the world and understand – the world just is, and you are just part of it. And if this peace is within you, then you can convey to others a peaceful, joyful state of your soul.

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  • Whether the weekend is more peaceful than weekdays for you?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No difference


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  1. That is a lovely photo. Working at home on the PC there is really not much difference between the workweek and the weekend for me. I am lucky to be living on a very short and quiet suburban street so usually, everything is very still and quiet and you just hear the sounds of traffic sliding by on the main road.

  2. As the world invades my thoughts occasionally the main goal of my life now is to come to be at peace with all that has happened in a long life. The older I get the easier it seems to be.