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Wednesday Shadows – shadows and light

It is so that everything is divided into two parts: light and dark, me and others, life and death, god and devil, my truth against your truth…

The shadows are in the light. They are not without light, they do not have their own power and strength, they cannot fight with light, because without light, we cannot see shadows at all. The shadows depend on the light.

There is no fear, no fighting energy in the light. It has no enemies, does not desire darkness, no death.

The function of shadows is to remind us of who we are, to help awaken from the self, duality, to perceive an indivisible presence.

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  1. I agree shadows serve a certain purpose within creation.

    In light, there is no shadow, nor in God, nor in his love, and yet shadows exist within his creation. They exist as a wisp in the wind, or as contrast on the screen, as a brushstroke, darker than the rest.

    Shadows are necessary so that creation can see God, and God see his creation. In essence, the creation must be God’s shadow self then, in this regards.

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