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Separation ~ Thursday Reflection.

Certain spiritual perspectives illustrate that the Divine, the Great and the Supreme, covers everything; fills and exists in everything. Nothing isn’t Himself. Wherever we stare, we look at Him – the Greatest, to the left, to the right, up and down, outwardly and inside ourselves as a whole, as the Supreme, the One. In Javanese, the essence of this perspective is expressed in the teachings of Manunggaling Kawulo Gusti, which means the unification of the people and kings/leaders or the union of the people and God, teachings that are similar to mysticism and Sufism.

Indeed, our eyes that are separated on a separate body, in front of the mind with very limited knowledge and lower awareness, our separation from each other and also with the One becomes difficult to refute. Cross opinions between what really is an illusion; that we are in one whole unit, which is inseparable, with the belief that we are down here and God up there will continue as long as the effort to find and understand the truth is only done with a mere (closed) thought.

A good illustration of such separateness is how some of the media play roles as small reflectors and separate fields reflecting one object as a whole. If you pay close attention to the image above, you will see the top of my body wearing a red batik shirt on the frame of the small back seat of the motorbike while my foot is on the cover parts on the engine section.

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    Do you see the separation that I meant in the picture above?

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    Do you agree that our lives are just an illusion?

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  1. Nice photo of the bike. The trouble with perceived illusion is that some people may do real harm thinking that harmful actions don’t count.
    If you cut a person or animal we all bleed.
    One has to separate fantasy from reality.
    I do have a good imagination, which is illusion.

    Then again, we can use the illusion to view that certain things that happen to us, are not as important as we thought and at the end of the day. A passing fling.

  2. Yes I see your reflection in the bike. And of course I agree with you about life being an illusion. Not sure how to explain it, maybe it cannot be explained, only accepted or denied.

    Thanks for this post, and love that bike.

  3. If I say that it is not an illusion then I might as well subscribed to the myth that all peoples originated from Adam and Eve. The trouble with that myth is the fact that it would contradict the morality teaching of the Church ?.

    I guess the misconception is that when we say life is an illusion, people take it literally and not metaphorically.

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