Thursday Reflection – faithful friends

When you are healthy, happy or rich – many need you. And apparently life is full of joy, lots of loud laughter and happy moments.

When suddenly uninvited sickness, the blackest of darkness, pain or deprivation come, and the former lights of entertainment go out, and the applause goes away… you alone remain and the gloomy emptiness, the dark reflection of your past life.

Difficulties in life without mercy sweeps away everything that was fake. Removes anyone who was not sincere. After all, sharing joy is much easier than grief or the last bite of bread. 

And then you begin to realize who your true friends are. Who was keeping your hand when the sky fell down on you and the earth was shaking under your feet. Who was lying beside you stroking your head when you no longer had the strength to rise. And believed in you even when no face was turned to you.

Only the strongest and most faithful companions remain on the battlefield, so there are not many of them. They are your true friends who will always rise and fall together, but will never leave you!

© Fortune, 2020

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