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Saturday's Critters – Wood Pigeon or Common pigeon?

I knew about its existence but I had never seen it until recently. I saw this pigeon one morning in the park, I think the same day I saw Chirele. It walks elegantly under a tree and from time to time it was pecking the grass.It’s different from other pigeons living in the area.The plumage is gray, gray-brown or pink with white spots. The plumage at the top of the body is gray and the chest is gray-pink. As you can see, the beak is red.In flight, the white stripes of the wings can be seen, and on the back of the neck there is a white band, like a collar. It’s a beautiful bird. Dear friends, I just introduced Wood Pigeon to you!

  • Wich one looks better?

    • common pigeon
    • wood pigeon


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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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