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San Francisco Ban face recognition technology

United state : In U.S. State San Francisco, a bill has been sanctioned for the ban on ‘Face Recognition technology.’  No authority or law enforcement agency will be able to use this new technology under the bill approved by the lawmakers, while purchasing such modern technology will have to be approved by the civil administration before purchasing. This bill will officially become part of the civil law next week after the second vote.

The ban supporters of this technology said, The current technology is incredible and this is a rare ban on people’s personalities and freedom. According to the critics of this technology, there are also technical issues related to the identity of women and deeper skin.

However, the opposition of the bill says, approving this bill would be a fatal and this is dangerous for public protection and it will be difficult to fight crime too.

Stop Crime Organization’s Vice President said, Instead of complete ban on this technology, it should be respected to improve it. These new steps will not apply to San Francisco’s airport and port because these institutions work under the federation.

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  1. I can understand why folks would want to protect their privacy, but this seems weird. Also, if the cameras are in place, anyone can hack the feed and still use facial recognition software so the usefulness of the law is suspect…

  2. I am not against the use of facial recognition technology or any other technology and science that can be used to solve crimes and achieve justice. I am against abuse, misuse and corruption of such technological tools. Bottom line? It’s always about the humans who have the tools and how they use them.

  3. Just to be clear there are a number of exceptions to the San Fran ban. Included in that is that a state or municipality cannot pass laws that modify or govern the execution of federal offices. That means that while the law applies within the limits of the city, it does not apply to any federal facility in the city.

  4. Europe is fighting against all kinds of biometric access they have called this technology ‘the place of no return.’ There are negative sides to everything we need to study that block out the loopholes before we move ahead.

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