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Sky Sunday – I send you peace…

Slowly, I close my eyes and relax. Listen… Trees whisper around and a puppy barking in the distance. I take a deep breath and feel the smell of jasmine touching me…

The warm breeze gently rolls over my face. Slowly I open and see the big birches waving at me with their long branches.

The white, fluffy clouds moving somewhere in the blue sky. There is perfect harmony in nature. The body and mind slowly calm down, and there is a pleasant silence inside.

What an endless gift it is to see, smell, hear and feel this world! As often as we can, we should walk away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life to see the true beauty consisting of little things.

Even if it is just my imagination and right now I do not see the picture I described, but I am full of hope to see it again if not in nature then inside of me. I smile with a grateful heart and send you peace.

© Fortune, 2020

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