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Red Sky ~ Sky Sunday

There is an ancient legacy that says “Red sky at night, shepherd’s joy” and “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”, which picturing signals that a very red sunset means sunny weather will come and a very red sunrise will mean bad weather or maybe a stormy day.

Various cultural groups and societies have different traditions and sayings about various celestial phenomena. I myself do not know much about such things other than just hearing them. One thing is certain, all of that gives a beautiful performance to be enjoyed, even if only for a moment.

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    • This is what I have read about your thoughts: If there is a lot of water vapor in the air it can make the sunset look pinker and orange – turn off bright red. This is the effect caused by water droplets that are comparable or larger in size to the wavelength of light, which means they spread all the colors of light in the same way.

      The sky is very red color requires a troposphere that is very dry and clear along the path of sunlight – so air consists mostly of molecules smaller than droplets of water, dust or pollutants. The clear atmospheric conditions are usually connected to the front of the high-pressure weather moving from the west – a phenomenon that usually means tomorrow will be dry and bright. So it seems that there are indeed some proverbial truths about the red sky at night.

  1. “A very red sunset means sunny weather will come and a very red sunrise will mean bad weather.” First time I heard/read it. I love watching the sun, be it sunrise or sunset. Something about it spells LIFE and a red sky any day, to me, means hope and expanding feeling. Anyway, next time I see the skies red, I will take note of it and test the accuracy of this theory.

  2. Stunning sunset all splashed in orange. The only saying I know is if you have an orange sunset, you will have a very beautiful day following. But I must say we never get such a brilliant sunset in the Outaouais valley but that might be because we are righ smack almost in the middle of the city. Very beautiful and calming.

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