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Poll: Which leader is the craziest?

While the 20th century saw its fair share of tinpot dictators, the 21st has seen the emergence of a number of leaders, in countries where stability and statesmanship has been the norm, whom some commentators regard as unhinged. What’s your take on this? Which of these leaders do you think is the craziest? Have your say in the poll below!

  • Which leader is the craziest?

    • Recep Erdogan (Turkey)
    • Donald Trump (USA)
    • Kim Jung Un (North Korea)
    • Bashar Assad (Syria)
    • Vladimir Putin (Russia)
    • Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines)
    • All of the above
    • Someone else – please tell us in a comment!


What do you think?

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  1. I went with Kim Jung Un Of North Korea since his rule over his people is so bad that while he lives in a lap of luxury, his people are dying due to lack of basic needs. Not to mention firing his missiles from his nation just to be a showoff will make him a marked man in the Far East.

    • Let me tell you some of the things I find offensive, Trenna:
      I find bombing your own people with nerve gas offensive.
      I find starving your people to death offensive.
      I find blatant anti-Semitism offensive.
      I find the notion of being happy to murder lots of innocents in the name of ‘cleaning the streets’ offensive.
      I find boasting of grabbing women by the genitals offensive.
      I find imitating a disabled person in front of thousands of people offensive.
      And lots more, so don’t worry, you’re not alone in being offended.

  2. I don’t think North Korea ever had a reputation for stability or statesmanship. Likewise, it seems like Russia has been pretty unstable ever since the fall of the CCCP…

    For that matter, the Philippines and Syria aren’t historically known for their progressive governments. And the US had dubbyah for two terms, so an unqualified president isn’t exactly news in the states either. That having been said, it really does seem like we’re packing a whole lot of crazy into the world governments these days and all at the same time

  3. I think, 100% of 100% of the human population has the mental disorder, the difference lies in the degree of deviation. It becomes a hassle when the disorder should be a leadership filter in formulating strategies and policies. That’s all I can say, the rest, for various reasons, I can not judge them.

  4. i dunno why u put our beloved president Duterte in your list, maybe because he kills druglords in our country…but if we speak against human rights, certainly everyone hates him…but u just don’t know that during his presidency every now and then, the crime is reduced in our country, and much safer to walk on streets at night…that’s what made him to be famous all around the world…but he is kind, merciful, and even has compassion in his job…a majority of the Filipino loves him for what he really is…Thanks for featuring him on ur list Norman…Cool poll ??

      • In a way, Duterte could be deemed crazy, specially by his political opponents. Indeed he is crazy enough to do the things that all past presidents could not do. That is to deal with the drug lords and rebels with an iron hand.
        He is crazy enough not to care what other politicians and analysts say as long as he do what needs to be done.
        I was actually looking for pic when i saw the preview. I knew he could be included in the list. As i have mentioned, Duterte is deemed crazy, but so was Galileo during his time.
        However, i voted someone else in this poll.


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