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Poll: What Would You Eat?

People often have a pre-conceived notion of whether or not they will like a particular food before they’ve tried it. Some refuse to even try the food because of those notions. Other times, people will try something new once and if they don’t like the way it was prepared, they won’t eat that kind of food again. Still others are willing to try almost anything with an open mind.

This poll is about your feelings regarding foods you’ve never eaten before.

  • Question of

    How willing would you be to try something totally new to you?

    • I’d probably try it at least once if I knew exactly what it was.
    • I’d probably try it at least once as long as I didn’t know what it was until after I’ve tried it.
    • I’d probably try it as long as it looked and/or smelled good.
    • I rarely try new foods.
    • I’d probably try it as long as it wasn’t too unusual or exotic.
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    Would you try venison or another kind of meat you’ve never had before?

    • Most likely, yes.
    • I enjoy trying new kinds of meat.
    • I’d only try it if I was a guest and everyone else was eating it.
    • I don’t eat meat or wouldn’t try a new kind of meat.
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    Have you ever eaten venison?

    • Yes and I love it.
    • Yes but I don’t like it.
    • No but I’d like to try it.
    • No and I don’t want to try it.
    • I’m vegetarian/vegan.
  • Question of

    What is the most important trait that will help you decide to try a new dish?

    • How it looks when it is done.
    • How it smells.
    • What others say about it.


What do you think?

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Written by Rex Trulove


    • It is sometimes surprising how good some foods are that people in another area or region haven’t even considered eating. I can think of a couple of simple examples: Chickweed and purslane. In the US, both are usually treated as troublesome weeds. Yet, both are tasty, nutritious, and people in Europe commonly grow and eat them.

    • You have a point. You might need to trust the person who is preparing the food. Then again, that is probably true even if the food is something you’ve tried before.

    • If you like other shellfish, I’d guess that I could probably make you some mussels that you’d enjoy. I love them when they are prepared in certain ways and I’m not crazy about them if they are made in other ways.

      • Perhaps? Suggest a recipe. I’ll try. We are a region rich in marine delicacies. And at the port are sold at a very reasonable price.

        • I’ll see what I can come up with. I do enjoy a good mussel chowder. Perhaps that would work? I believe that I also have a recipe for mussel fritters that is tasty.

    • That is great to hear. Many people tend to be confined in what they will and will not eat. That is a pity because there is a huge potential selection of foods out there.