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I Got to Meet My New Nephew, Tanner

Tanner, my ‘new nephew (in as much as a 41-year-old man can be ‘new”) came for a visit on Friday night. We had a great visit and I must say that I’m impressed by him. Tanner is smart, witty, and considerate. He is also kind and brought us about 40 pounds of meat, mostly venison, elk, and moose, though there was a package of antelope, too.

Although there were about 10 pounds of ground venison, this is quality meat and he included venison backstrap, elk backstrap, moose backstrap, and the package of antelope is also backstrap. A backstrap is the prime meat that comes off of deer, elk, moose, and antelope, and it corresponds to the cut of beef known as filet mignon.

He also brought a stick of elk summer sausage and one of elk salami.

We had dinner last night, then about a half-hour before dawn today, he and I went deer hunting. We didn’t see any deer in the high country, but when we got lower, we did see a forked horn and a nice 3-point buck. Unfortunately, they were on private property, so we couldn’t shoot. We also saw a dozen very large wild turkeys, but he didn’t have a turkey license. Still, we had fun and got to know each other better. 

It was a great weekend and I strongly think that we’ll be seeing each other again, many times. I feel especially blessed and thankful for being able to meet Tanner and for the great meat he brought.

  • How would you feel if someone you’d just met gave you 40 pounds of premium meat?

    • surprised
    • thankful
    • Appriciative
    • elated
    • I wouldn’t care because I’m vegetarian/vegan
    • I don’t like venison, elk, moose, antelope


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Written by Rex Trulove