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Poll: What Do You Play?

Something I noticed almost 20 years ago and repeatedly since then was that a surprising number of writers also play one or more musical instruments. That isn’t at all surprising if you consider that writers honestly are creative artists. Writers might also be great at painting, sculpting, woodcarving, handcrafts, singing, drawing, or other forms of creative art.

The percentage of writers who also play musical instruments, though, is quite a bit higher than the rest of the population. I should mention here that when I refer to a writer, I’m talking about anyone who writes things for public consumption. That would include article writers, freelance writers, journalists, short story writers, bloggers, novelists, and so forth. It wouldn’t include people who write private emails or letters, nor students that write assignments because they have to.

Today’s poll is specifically about music, though there are many other artistic disciplines.

  • Question of

    Do you play any musical instrument?

    • No but I can play a CD or record player
    • I used to but don’t anymore
    • No, but I sing
    • Yes, I play one musical instrument
    • I play more than one musical instrument
  • Question of

    If you play a musical instrument, what kind do you play?

    • Woodwinds (sax, clarinet, etc)
    • Percussion (drums, etc)
    • Stringed (guitar, banjo, harp, etc)
    • Piano/organ/keyboard/accordion
    • Brass (Trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc)
    • Other
    • More than one kind
  • Question of

    Have you ever received lessons or other professional training?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What kind of music do you most like LISTENING to?

    • Opera
    • Classical
    • Rap
    • Hip-Hop
    • Jazz
    • Country
    • Pop
    • Rock/Rock and Roll
    • Blues
    • Alternative
    • Religious/gospel
    • I love multiple genres (please mention which you like)


What do you think?

15 Points

Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. It was interesting to know about your skills in music. My granny sang well, I can sing and love it but her skills were much better . I can play the piano, was also taught accordion and guitar but without practice forgot everything. So the only and the beloved instrument is the piano. I play classical and pop music and sing different music . I love opera music, old romances, jazz and blues a bit, popular songs of all times. I do not understand rap. I also love listening to amateur groups. It’s a pity that the majority of such groups is unknown. Thanks for your post!

    • I’ve always loved music. I don’t devote nearly enough time to playing or singing, but I still enjoy listening when I’m not playing or singing. Most of the time, I play either piano or guitar, and the music I play is normally Christian, pop, folk, country, some western, and some rock and roll. That is also what I listen to. I won’t listen to rap or heavy metal and rarely listen to opera.

      • Listening to music has more opportunities. We can listen to more difficult compositions than we can play or sing, even we play in a group or sing in a choir. I’ve just remembered my singing in a choir, oh it was a fantastic experience! All of us tuned well. We sang pop, classical and religious compositions. However I never played in a group, only in a folk band for several months. I played accordion.
        I love to accompany singers on the piano.

  2. So many talents we weren’t aware of there Rex. Very impressive. Seems talent runs in your family as well. My mother got several offers to record and go on tour. She has the voice of an angel. My dad was a wonderful oil painter! I can sing, paint and take photos. I also play a mean radio!

  3. No way. You are so talented, I am impressed Rex. I played clarinet in middle and high school band. And that is it. I enjoy many genres, just depends on my mood… country, jazz, classical sometimes.

      • I came close to becoming a professional musician, but turned down the chance because I like music too much and didn’t want it to ever become a “job”. The musical talent came from my mother, though. She could really tickle the ivory. She also played by ear, like I do, mostly. My brother also plays a number of stringed instruments and both sisters have great voices. I’ve actually been playing music longer than I’ve been writing, though I wrote my first novel (unpublished) at the age of 12.

  4. For the record (no pun intended), I play guitar, piano, organ, accordion, keyboard, trumpet, sax, recorder, harmonica, autoharp, and I sing. I’ve had no formal training, except in school band, and I don’t play any of these well, but I met my wife 39 years ago when I was running a jam session at a tavern her brother managed. I enjoy multiple genres of music, but I’m not crazy about opera, rap, and seldom listen to classical.


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