OC Fashion Week 2017: St John Style Pass Event

I was working on the internet all morning, while the Association workers were working on my roof. By 2 pm, I decided to get ready to check out some OC Fashion Week event at 5 pm. I decided to wear my St. John golden beige corduroy pants, white wrap shirt, and nude camisole. I also wore my LV sneakers and my late mother’s gray poncho with fringe. I also wore St John clip-on earrings, but I need to remember to fix them with little hooks because I don’t like wearing clip-on. I decided to wear 3 rings. As I drove to South Coast Plaza at 3 pm, I noticed signs of Event Parking, and I suddenly remembered that the Global Village Festival is around this time, but I forgot what date.

I have a similar jacket to this one in the above picture, but mine is in blue and white nautical design.

At 5 pm, I went to the St. John boutique for their Style Pass Event, from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, and ate some snacks while I browsed. As I checked out the clothes and accessories, I remembered all the years when I went to the St. John annual campout sale at their warehouse. But I didn’t camp out. I just went very early, around 3 am in the morning and stood in line with the other people and their tents. My mother and her friends would show up later, I think around 7 or 8 am in the morning, and we would meet each other somewhere in the parking lot. The annual campout sale took place the day after Thanksgiving Day. I think they stopped doing these annual campouts a couple of years ago. And, I haven’t been to it in a long time. I had a lot of fun memories at these annual campouts.

I browsed in the store while snacking on crackers, cheese, berries, and grapes. There were martinis, which I like, but I don’t know if I can handle driving afterward. So, I chose a little bit of champagne. There was a man playing the guitar to entertain customers. The fashion event was nostalgic for me, as I checked out nice and very expensive clothing, mostly for big holiday parties. I liked their velvet gowns as well as the satin clothes, but there were also lots of elegant knits clothing in the store.

Their knit clothes would be perfect for the work environment. There were also lots of velvet clothes. I decided to leave at 6 pm, and I drove home during traffic hours.


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