Safa’s Tears

Should a book have a soundtrack? This song is inspired by a character in my novel Energy Dependence Day. Here’s a short excerpt:

After doing a little more digging, Siraj found a copy of Janan’s song, called “Safa’s Tears.” The quality wasn’t the best, but he could still make out the lyrics.

How can this be, that the monarchy, would turn a blind eye, and let the innocent die? How can they say, that this is the law, when their own strip it raw? Will this be the last straw? Islam is the one true religion, not a prison for our mind. Islam is the one true religion, not rules to keep us in line.


What do you think?

Written by Chris B.

Energy Dependence Day - Two countries, different in almost every way, yet bound by the common thread of oil. #author #book #ebooks #thriller