Love ItLove It

perhaps it was a fools journey

the race to beat

the random number generator to 14

started in the darkroom where the people

gathered around a candle

and chanting random numbers 

they clasped hands.

on the table

a screen

lighting the entire room

number flashing

one after another

the race was on to fourteen.

But no one gets

to fourteen without stopping along

the way to admire the lovely flowers

and smell the homecooked meal


it has two faces

fourteen has two paths

but no one gets there

to fourteen

the easy way.

  • Shockingly I wrote this in a college math class, have you ever sat in math class and glazed over?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

14 Points

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I always preferred some noise while doing math homework though. I took it to bars and stuff. One day I’m in the student union coffee shop doing that and a guy sits down. (turns out he was a Russian poet) — “What are you doing?” – “I’m doing calculus homework.” – “I know that! I mean WHAT are you doing?” – “What?” – “WHY are you doing? … What is the reason? You cannot teach people to love each other with x and y.” – “Oh, OK.”, I said.

    • The attraction of x and y is interesting. I sit in a world where the math I learned out weighs the poetry I write.

      But your story reminds me of when I too, like that Russian poet tried to change the world!

      • Mathematics is an exquisite language. Eloquent and well, is it not perfect?
        I used to joke that I would form a new spirituality from observational astronomy (one planet), biological anthropology (one species), and the book would be written in mathematics (no translations, no misinterpretations, applicable to the real world, etc…). It would be useless to war mongers (a problem throughout history)
        Math is our best language perhaps ….

  2. Good job, Doc! I used to zone out on those days when it was unbearably hot; and we didn’t have a/c in the classrooms in those days…Your head would spin from the heat.

    • i remember the days of no AC. Our school was brand new, and the first in Bloomington Indiana to get air-conditioning. I was in the first-first grade. But the year before I was in kindergarten in a school without AC. yuck.