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Pay Day

There is simply something fun and exciting when pay day rolls around. I was pleased to see the dashboard update and the funds in my paypal. While things are not perfect, everything is not all bad, so let’s celebrate what we can and be patient with the things we have no control over.

Let’s say some positive things today and have some fun. Enjoy your day.

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    Did you check your dashboard?

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    Do we show enough gratitude for things that go right?

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  1. Congratulations on your payment. I have been patient for 10 days but this patience is slowly disappearing. It’s not even worth it for my administrators to reply to my messages and explain what’s wrong. Any problem can be solved very quickly if it is not done intentionally. I’m not so stupid that I wouldn’t know that.

    • What ever. I was simply trying to help by commenting and conversing places where you could earn unlimited virils. I will move and help as man as I can. I hope you have a good evening, day or morning – I don’t know where anyone lives.

      • Thank you so much for your help and support. For a moment, I am really gripped by anger because I am powerless and can do nothing. I’m from Slovenia, I think it’s about 7 hours difference. For us it is now 1 am

  2. Virily admin has chosen to take food right out of my mouth. I depend on every penny I make writing online and now I am being held back. I wonder how long it takes for payment when a person can only do notifications, read and comment.


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