of the things you left

the door was closed

slammed perhaps 

no longer open

no longer letting the light

through the edges, the hinge

the base

no light

just a door

and the door does not

in swinging shut

carry conversations


in the image shared

a memory

a moment

one side remembers

one side is clear

but two sides are missing

their voices now unheard

i cannot hear the whispers

i can’t hear through the door

that slammed

now leaves empty

what once was full.

  • We have to find happiness even in grief, right?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. You are the lucky recipient of random comment number 120 “If you are depressed you are living in the past if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.” —Lao Tzu

  2. Nothing is ever totally right about anything unless we accept it as totally right.

    Happiness sits in itself, and only sits in ourselves, when we sit in it, with whatever else we are sitting with too; otherwise, what we are sitting with, apart from happiness, always will push us from happiness’s seat.

          • Does the journey ever end, and as such, is time real, and a part of it too?

            I would say that love lives alive forever, and journeys within love are of infinite duration, and there are infinitely possible journeys too. Each journey is different for each person, or soul too.

        • What does one pack for a journey tot he infinite?

          A suitcase full of dreams or memories?
          A suitcase full of forgotten regrets, or hopes shattered?

          On a journey to the infinite the now gets in the way often.

          • Yes, perhaps the now will always have a problem with the infinite…lol…

            The infinite nows in the infinite journey are only timed by our self, though.

            The life seems to be of limited time, but the coverings are what are limited; the eternal remains eternal; the external changes form, continually so.

        • yes the journey of the heart (love) lasts long after the end of the mortal coil. There are many who argue that life begins and ends with the breath.

          but breath isn’t breathing. It is the souls or the love’s connection to the universe.

          • That’s nicely worded.

            Yes, God breathed life, or love, into his creation, and the souls have been breathing in his love energy ever since.

            It is up to each soul, what they do with this love though.

          • Of course, sometimes, we just walk right past it (knowledge) too, not being able to recognise it for what it is yet, and sometimes, even if we recognise it as truth already, we might not yet have the wisdom to be able to live from or apply that truth to our lives yet either.

            What I just said is covered by what your guide said too, though, in a way, as if we do not recognise knowledge or truth, it is usually because we do not know yet how to “look” for it either.

        • Now you invoke my technical side. I have been involved in building KM (Knowledge management) systems many times.

          Knowledge is actionable
          Knowledge is retrievable

          information is the piece of the puzzle that isn’t always actionable or retrievable. We have to dig often for information.

          • I wonder where love fits in there?

            I would say that love is both knowledgeable and information full too.

            Love’s light shines a light on all things, and so truth is revealed from it because then truth can become part of our living knowledge, and supplement any information that is needed to fulfil the actions of the knowledge in situ.

          • Is anything separate of love?

            Is God just information, or love, or both combined?

            Or is there another God out there, not called love, but information?

          • Of course, if you say there are separate energies than love, what are they?

            Is God, if there is a God, in control of these other forces too?

            What does he need them for, perhaps to create with?

            God used the word to create with, in the Bible, perhaps, the word is another such force, or power other than love, but which can still be guided by that love too.

            There is one energy at the bottom of it all, one source from which all comes from, one oneness of all else, from which all else has its roots in.

            Love is said to be God, but it is not God entirely.

            God exists, and love has its roots in him, and grows inside anything that also places its roots into God.

            Otherwise, the seed of love is a dormantly inactive force, if not plugged into God, and really it does not exist; it is a potential force, like the force of magnetism, there only when other things come into play, and it arises.

        • Very well said – Einstein once wrote that God does not play dice with the universe.

          Niche wrote that god is a construct of human limitation.

          That i suspect is the ground in which God exists. If we read the bible god controls what is good, Lucifer controls what is not good.

          But then the energy in question, love comes to play.

          Love exists between the two in that metaphor. If we take the concept of the godhead or the essence that is the end state for souls that are polished, i suspect there is more than love.

          I think love is surrpored by peace.

          • Well, peace needs/requires forgiveness. Forgiveness needs/requires love.

            But perhaps, only love, leads to forgiveness, and only forgiveness leads to peace.

            Perhaps, all of these qualities exist on the circle of consciousness, which becomes a smoother, more rounded circle, the more that we grow our consciousness.

        • you raise an interesting question – the connection of forgiveness and peace. I find as I move through life, that forgiveness is overrated.

          My job isn’t to forgive those who transgress against me. It is to move on and leave them in my wake.

          Life is about finding the path for you, forgiveness is what is littered alongside that path.

          Peace is the essence of unity – love and awareness.

          • I tend to agree with you that some people like counselors, can pace too much emphasis and importance on forgiveness.

            Is forgiveness important, though, at all, none the less?

            I might say that forgiveness is a step on the ladder of love, which starts with humility.

            Once you move further up the ladder, it is always a good thing not to forget about this first step, as you do.

            Pride goeth before a fall down the ladder again.

            Forgiveness is linked to the need for humility then, I suspect too, in some cases.

        • you bring a great thought – it is the essence of an entire world now. To forgive, we have religions wholly based on seeking forgiveness.

          We have philosophers decrying the state of forgiveness.
          But in the end, we truly are more likely to forget transgressions than forgive them. To truly forgive is to truly embrace love.

          • Yes, we often pretend that we have forgiven someone, but the acid test is if we now love them, or not too.

            I never forgave my Dad, for being my Dad, and I never came to love him either.

            He died without my love.

            Now, if I had been able to forgive him truly, maybe, I could have loved him then truly too.

        • My father and I struggled for many years. We are very different. He was an academic (a professor) who sought knowledge.
          I prefer the world of business.

          But we grew closer as I got older, i can say I did love him without a doubt.

          I understand that journey and the pain.

          • Blood relationships are sort of forced upon us, to make the best of them for ourselves, I guess.

            Why was I born with this father?

            Why was I born as his second son?

            Why are we born into certain environments, and family settings?

            The family set up is like a test tube where God?, our own soul? whatever? places preexisting conditions, to test how we will react, when placed in there ourselves.

        • My kids always argue that the family you choose (friends) is strong than family you have (blood).

          But i would argue that neither truly matters.

          We find a place where our heart is safe, blood or chosen. We seek that existence after existence to test us, to help us grow.

          why does then family impact us? In part, because there is a long journey, what seems hard today, may have been chosen to build a strong vessel for the long journey.

          • Yes, there are reasons, behind the reasons, behind the reasons, and so it is hard to connect all of the reasons together, unless our reasoning is of a higher awareness level…lol…linked into the highest reason, himself, or herself, our higher self, God, or to some other extraordinary guide.


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