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Nature Tuesday – eternity

The gentle majesty, the serenity, the steadiness of nature, and its eternity, compared to human age, are what draws us to it.

It opens to our eyes as a silent, peaceful, liveable, and intelligent, as if it has already suffered all the anguishes that man – its baby, its most beautiful creation – is still suffering.

And behold, we lay our head upon nature chest, and it is as if we hear its soothing whisper: you have come out of here, you will come back here…

Nature seems to know more than a man…

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  1. Mother nature can be unforgiving at times, and very harsh, sometimes too.

    A mother’s love seems stronger than the love of Mother Nature, if she (Mother Nature) has any in her heart (if Mother Nature has a heart).

    And so, I wonder if when God created nature, did he give Mother Nature a heart, or is that more kept for living organisms, within that Nature?

    I would say that love exists within all things, even within the inanimate.

    Mother Nature has a heart, but an unconsciously giving one.

    Real mothers, who are alive consciously, can choose to love consciously, what they also feel unconsciously, so yes, love is in all things, I would concur.

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