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Nature Tuesday – A Thrush in a Natural New Zealand Beach

I love nature and the way where every natural thing connects in the chain of life.

This is taken from Snell’s Beach north of Auckland, just off Warkworth. There are people there who live by the beach, one being my eldest  sister..who told me about the bird life there last year.

They had a lovely cafe by the sea and went for a walk by the beach. I saw a family of Dotterels, and this Thrush.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Yes, in a way. Snells Beach, well it depends on what you like in life. It is good on the surface but underneath, well..
      Quite a few people there are what I would call, ” Nouveau Riche!” They love money and image and that is all there is to them, mowing the lawns, unblocking the drains, and not daring to be different from their neighbours.
      Not me..Nice in their own way but they are like sheep who are told what to think and what to do.

      I think for me, prefer to be free to be myself, imperfect as I am.

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