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My review of the Structure 3d scanner

Occipital, Structure Sensor review update. I first updated the Occipital Structure sensor more than two years ago on Niume. I am doing a followup review of the technology today. The structure is a 3d sensor you can use with your iPad.  The reality of 3d scanners is that they require ample access to processing power. To render a 3d image of an existing object requires some components.

The first is the hardware sensor, the Structure sensor is small and fits on the back of an android tablet or an iPad. I am not sure you would use the device with a phone, but a tablet works perfectly. I use mine with my iPad. The image is of the structure sensor on my desk. The important component for 3d scanning as I said is processing. The what and how of that connection is critical. Based on that the structure scanner has a direct lightning connection (or USB) to my iPad. That creates the ability to spend less device processing the wireless signal.

Another component to 3d scanning is the reality of the actual software. The core package is the Structure Application. There are some other applications, but for actual room scanning, there is the wonderful Canvas application. The Structure Application will only launch when the scanner is attached. The Canvas app launches so you can review previous room scans.

Overall the scanner is easier to use than many of the other 3d scanners on the market. You don’t require a turntable, because you are the turntable! I’ve been using this device now for more than two years, and I still believe this is the best 3d scanner on the market now (I’ve used/owned five other 3d scanners)

I give Occipital Structure a 9 out of 10!

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