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Movers project on hold (link to an interesting article) and back to regular tech posts tomorrow…

Some interesting data to consider with comments.

To Allow Blog Comments or Not? Here’s What the Data Shows

Comments or the second group in our study actually may not drive views! I don’t know how this changes the original assumptions, but I need to rethink the mover’s project. Based on that, I am putting all three groups on hold for the near term. I am not sure the value of tracking who comments anymore. I need to do some research.

The data presented in the blog post shows that comments do not drive views. This, based on Virily’s methods does not account for massive comment threads (each of the comments, for the most part, represents a view, not always. Some people realize that forgot to include something and add additional comments but that doesn’t change the views).That does allow us to focus on the social sharing aspects. As I said, we will put the mover’s project on hold until July!I was pulling together some other technology column ideas yesterday. I have several reviews; those are coming, I promise. I am also going to update some of the translation services and devices I’ve been looking at lately. One of the value propositions for using a separate device is you free your cell phone. Sometimes you are talking on the phone, taking pictures with the phone and if you are also translating that can be a lot for your device to handle. Plus, the likelihood of dropping the phone increases the more you are swapping functions. You hold your phone away from you for translation and photos. You hold it next to your ear for phone calls. That swapping back and forth tends to be when drops occur.

The concept of translation is interesting.

Another area I am dancing around right now is the concept of changing. I know for the most part that I am an outlier when it comes to phone use (as in I use my phone more than most people do).

Back to the regular tech column starting tomorrow!!

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  1. I think blog comments are very important it lets you know what others think about what you wrote and perhaps even give you ideas about what they would like to know from you. I have 4 themed blogs and my poetry and music blogs get the least comments sometimes only likes but my armchair travel blog and amazingly my cat Sid’s blog which I started just for fun have actually had people telling me how thrilled they and their pets are about what I post usually the life of my cat and what he thinks and when my armchair travel blog posts also get reposted well that is the greatest feeling there is otherwise writing would never have that extra thrill.

    • I was simply sharing some fairly detailed expert analysis of comments. By no means do I wish the conversation to stop!

      I love the comments!

      I just am trying to figure out how to help folks grow the views on their posts.

    • I think I am going to go forward in July without the comment group.

      COmments are so important to the community, but it appears that they don’t really drive views. I am going to spend time over the next couple of weekends researching.

  2. I think you are right Doc. And the time you were willing to spend on this project, well I am not sure if you were going to get the results you were looking for. But I applaud your efforts.


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