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Message of Love ~ 365 Photos Challenge #270

I’ve been busy all day yesterday. Leave early and go home late at night. Sometimes this kind of thing is often unavoidable if we are involved in many things other than the main job, especially when something important is like helping people who are affected by the disaster.

The family certainly waited for me to come home with a little worry, not worry about what I was doing but with my fatigue and health. It is actually their anxiety a bit strange too because even at home, I often sleep late for various things concerning work, and they do not complain or protest even though occasionally remind me to take a break too. Well, all that is important to do, so again, working at home until late is unavoidable, besides, of course, to meet with friends here. Really, Virily so far still has a strong pull to make me sit in front of a computer, or occasionally on a mobile phone or tablet.

My intention to sleep immediately last night as soon as when I got home, more precisely a few hours ago almost failed because once I opened the car door, the sweet smell of Kemuning or satinwood or Lakeview jasmine for you maybe, entered my kiss perfectly. The strong fragrance attracted me to approach it and immediately took some pictures to post here. Luckily my wife who opened the door immediately kissed my cheek and reminded me to take a rest immediately.

Right now, this morning, I wrote a little message from groups of Orange Jessamine for you. They said, “Love is not a formulation of pleasure, competition, jealousy, desire to have, to maintain, to control and interfere in the minds of others transmitted through feelings”. I posted this message to me and also for you as the beginning for later I will continue in a more in-depth message. For now, good morning, I hope you have a good day.

A little about the time you were in Virily, allow me to ask:

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    Do you often sleep late to be here?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you spend a lot of time here?

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What do you think?

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  1. I found that love for me was the quiet when the rest of my family is asleep and I am awake. I get up early my time, to blog and do other personal tasks.

    I really love the description (love is not a formation…_ ) you shared. It speaks to me!

    • Wow! About that feeling of happiness and peace, we have in common, I like so much to look at my wife and my two daughters fell asleep!

      About the description, I’m glad you like it, I’m still trying to continue the writing, even though it’s quite difficult to find words that can describe it more clearly.

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