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Macro Monday ~ What a beginner needs to know when raising rhododendrons

Rhododendron, which is one of the most popular spring-flowering shrubs, will be able to accompany us many springs with proper care.

This evergreen shrub, which can grow only a few tens of centimeters high or surprise us with its mighty tree shape, ranks among one of the largest plant genera, Rhododendron. Their beautiful tufted flowers delight us, depending on the variety, from April to the end of May.

They need acidic and draining soil to grow. Rhododendrons do not like strong winds and direct midday sun, so we choose a shady or semi-shady place – they thrive best on the east and north sides of houses.

To give them enough time to take root and prepare for winter, we plant them in spring or autumn. We are careful to plant them shallowly, as the plant takes root just below the surface, which is why we have to water them abundantly, especially in summer.

The plant does not like hoeing, so occasionally only weeds are removed by hand. As we must nevertheless take care not to damage the roots by removing weeds, it is recommended to use a mulch, which at the same time prevents the growth of weeds and reduces water evaporation.

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  1. We have a national Rhododendron garden here (in Australia) with many varieties planted in its huge acreage. It takes a couple of hours walk to walk around it all. It’s a great place to visit.

    Sadly, it’s closed right now because of the coronavirus restrictions.


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