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Macro Monday – talent and skills

There is one very stigma that prevents one from achieving one’s goals in life. This attitude can become a major stumbling block for the fifteen and sixties as long as the person holds it firmly. 

Someone has introduced to us the meaning of that mystical talent, that god’s gift. There are blessed people who don’t have to work hard, they just grab a pencil in their hands, and they manage to draw perfectly. Maybe so, I don’t deny it, but it’s rare!

All my friends, who I consider having talent, work a lot. And what we do? if we fail the first time, we stop trying because we think – we have no talent. 

I have no talent or skills to take professional photos and especially macro photos. I am amateur. Not a professional photographer with special talent or skills. but skills are acquired by hard work. So, never be afraid to share your works, even id they do not look so beautiful as others posts on Virily. 

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  1. I think art is open to many talents and very versatile, open to everyone.
    Sure, most people are impressed by realism, but sometimes a very simple illustration can mean the world to someone, once it resonates with them or evokes a feeling or thought of some kind.
    Photography is art too, and comes with an endless amount of styles and genres.
    Sometimes what we’re good at is not what we like, it takes time to embrace it but it’s worth the effort, eventually.

  2. I don’t feel like I have a special talent. Perhaps it could be modesty, if it counted as one. ?
    I may have some amount of intuition, and craftiness (sly and sneaky) I try hard to not abuse, but nothing way above average, I suppose. ?

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