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Kim's Tag You're It Challenge – part 2

Kim created this challenge by starting a story that each of us can continue.

If you have been tagged, pick up where the story left off, use at least 10-20 words and tag the next person after you have added your words. You have one week to decide if you would like to continue the story. 

Make sure to mention “Tag you’re it challenge” in the title. 

Here’s the story so far, started by Kim and continued by Carol:

Once upon a time there was a family that lived in the forest. This family was unlike other families. No people but a family of birds. The local park was the perfect spot for them to start their new family. Lots of food and water to drink. Many trees to hide in and build nests for their extended family.

Here are the words I added:

Spring was coming closer and closer each day, and the birds were busy building their new nests. Happy birdsongs were filling the air until something unusual happened – an unexpected visitor came to the forest…

I pick Halcombe Norilsk to continue the story. 

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  1. Well this just made me smile right off the bat with the bird picture to go with Carols post. Good thinking. I love what you wrote, and the fun twist. I hope Halcombe can provide some clues as to who this unexpected visitor is….


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