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Just for Fun and Washington DC

Loving these time-lapse videos. This one includes some fun views of traffic. In the beginning watch, the airplanes take off in the upper right corner of the video!

Washington DC is a designed city. It is laid out in a grid. So, based on that it should be really easy to drive in Washington DC right?

nope! it was laid out before the automobile was invented. The concept of planning for horse and buggy traffic is much different than planning for automobiles!

My first trip to Washington DC was as a child. We went to the monuments and visited many of the famous places. I have had many business trips to DC as well. But those trips were land, rush to the customer, and then head home. Now, we live near Washington DC, we have time to go see the many wonderful places near DC that are amazing. 

Just remember, there are a lot of black SUV’s in Washington DC. always check and make sure the SUV doesn’t have either diplomatic plates, or US Government issued.

Just kidding!

Anyone can join the just for fun challenge!

Just for fun, post fun videos! (except for parrots (haha Ellie))!!!!

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    Have you ever been to Washington DC?


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  1. No, I have not been to Washington. Regarding the USA: I have only been to New York City twice (Manhattan to say the truth) and some parts of New Jersey as I worked in Monmouth County for some months. Yes, your series just for fun challenge is great.


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