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Inner darkness

Not only are children afraid of darkness, but all also have their own darkness. Inside, in the very depths, in the farthest corner, hidden from the eyes of strangers. Each has its own darkness hidden frоm others.

Some have darkness with no light, no stars, just pure obscurity, but others, who see better in the dark, hide all the light of the world in that darkness.

But there is a tiny star hidden in every darkness. Some are afraid of its light, afraid of what that light might naked. That’s why thet turn off that light with their own hands that no one would see them in the dark…

© Fortune, 2009

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Written by Fortune


  1. Interesting thoughts.

    Do we all have inner darkness in us somewhere, dark secrets, hidden past sins, unforgiven by ourselves?

    To me, our soul is made from the light of God, but Earthly experiences can place dark blotches over parts of its light.

    These stay there until God forgives us for putting them there, or the karma is overcome in other ways, perhaps by good karma, overwriting the previous bad karma.

    It is said that we crave the light, so we often strive hard to remove the curtains of darkness from ourselves.