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Our Attention

We are our attention. We become where our attention is directed. If it is directed to the outside world, we lose ourselves in the outside world. If it is directed towards the body, we become the body. If it is aimed at emotions, we become emotions. If it is directed to the mind, we become the mind. But if we return it home, direct it to ourselves, we are aware of our original nature – clear, limitless, open and always awakened.

Every day we give a huge amount of our attention to the outside world. We are losing ourselves in the outside world. And as a result, we feel a breakdown, physical ailments, mental exhaustion.

But only when we are totally attentive, when 100% of our attention is gathered here and now, we will find out who we really are.

Therefore, in order to be attentive, we do not need to start to believe in something or become someone. We just need to return attention to the present – and let existence do the rest of the work for us.

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