Thursday Reflections – Don't stay in darkness

A man who has been in the dark for a long time will sincerely appreciate everything that anyone is emitting light. Everything will end and change sooner or later. 

If your world is very gloomy now – don’t lose faith.

If the eyes full of darkness have forgotten the shades of life – don’t despair.

If you seem to be diving deeper – don’t stop … The sooner you reach the bottom, the stronger you will resist and start rising at lightning speed. Then you will feel the breath of fresh air and the lungs pleasantly filled with it.

The eyes will respectfully shrink when they see the sun. And the broadest smile will illuminate your grayed face from the hardships and trials.

Whatever happens, what happens now in your life, know that it will pass. If you are in the dark now, remember that you are not alone … We were all there once …

© Fortune, 2020

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