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I’m puzzled by why some shows little compassion towards others

To be very honest, I’m sometimes puzzled by why someone did the things they did.

Just the other day, I was taking a quick break drinking at a hawker center. I saw a middle aged man on a wheelchair going from table to table, selling tissue to the eaters. There are obvious deformities on his body so I won’t even think he is scamming.

I was ready to buy from him. I needed some tissue anyway. However, I was stopped by this old man. Curious, I asked him why and he blurted a lot of rants and vents.

He at one point mentioned that he was retired and living on his retirement scheme of few hundreds a month. And then he could only afford a cup of tea for tea break, he also need money! I was confused by why he was saying all that.

I’ve no idea why he’d be stopping anyone from buying from the middle aged man unless he is a scam or his tissue will turn into dust the moment its opened. I can understand that he is not well-to-do himself, he can choose not to buy from the man, but why does he have to make it that no one is suppose to buy from him?

Most of these people selling tissues or other goods in hawkers needs a licence that would cost them $10/month, and most of them does this because they don’t have much choices.

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    Do you prefers the less fortunate to beg or try to earn their living?

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    Do you have any idea why the old man did what he did?

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Written by alibb


  1. That was odd. The old man is not given a poor amount of retirement benefits because there are men in wheelchair selling tissues. Perhaps he needed to rant but did so to the wrong person, at the wrong time. After all, the man in wheelchair wasn’t just begging but trying to earn a living by providing a service.
    It could have been envy in terms of empathy/sympathy, not a matter of money. He may have wanted his share of “poor thing” too.

    • Ah… I didn’t see it that way … perhaps you’re right…
      I am simply taken back by his sudden “outburst” and then decided to walk away. I could process the situation that time … actually I still couldn’t now :p

  2. It was a sad situation but perhaps the old man knew the other one and there was some jealousy between them, One way or the other he should not stop people from buying from the man in the wheelchair

    • I do thought of jealousy at one point … but I’ve soon realised that, that is not something I can verify nor can I change the situation. I should just stay away.

  3. That is unfortunate. The man on the wheelchair is trying to make a living selling the tissues than staying at a fixed place begging for money.
    I think the old man was feeling that the man on the wheelchair was lying of his deformities.

    • I’m not sure, the old man just keeps ranting I can’t get a logic out of him.
      I can’t see how they man could have shrunk his lower body tho … 😐