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I am permitted to say this because there are worse things in life from my the view I have, from my “chair” just for openers, I can be seated, everyone else has to stand! Seriously, I have experienced total blindness for a month, once! And through a gifted, 25 years old surgeon, she believed I would see again and acted on her faith, and mine,  while many others were 100% pessimistic. I have enjoyed a remarkable vision in both eyes for all of 10 years now! The really best part of the surgery is that, through my writing, I get to share my victory over depression and blindness with some really fantastic people here at Virily, who read my stuff, thank you, one and all for that.


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  1. I have a very good friend who never told me for years that he had cornea transplants. He became a painter without ever going to art school once he could see well. I was telling him once how much I emphasized visual experience and loved seeing art. At this point he told me the story and made me realize maybe I wasn’t seeing things as much as I thought. It helped inspire me to look more and appreciate more.
    You have inspired in the same way I am sure.

  2. I am celebrating with you my friend. How wonderful to have found a doctor who had such strong beliefs. And success. Happy for you and your positive attitude you always bring to the site. Sunsets are free to everyone!

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