I came across this letter written by some unknown person. It is a letter of a fearful journey undertaken by a 9-year-old boy many years ago. Above all else, the story is one of hope even at the worst of times. Please read it and however dire your situation is right now, please take courage from it.

“I never thought I’d escape because it just seemed hopeless. How can someone like myself, young, aged 9 years old and with no passport get out from this country that is always at war, conflict after conflict? attacks from SAUDI ARABIA attacks from the USA and then we have the corrupt Presidents of our county and the rest of the politicians. 

I knew nothing is going to change except that I might be hit by a bullet, a missile, or drones firing from above. What surprises me still, is how I got out of the country. I pressurized an official of my country to give me my passport while his corrupt soldiers pointed their guns at me, telling me if I don’t leave the doorstep of their plush embassy, I’ll be shot. And no one will care, no one will miss me. 

That is until I became political, crafty, at that young age. I said that he had to give me the papers and not because it’s the right thing to do but because I was too smart and dangerous for him and the rest of the politicians to be kept in the country. I’m now in the west, living the dream which I’ve worked hard for and as I watch the TV screen in a shop window, I see another war has happened and this time, I am in my 20’s and far away from there. 

If I ever lose my job, if I ever hit rock bottom, if I lose everything like my home, my money, I’ll still be so damn rich because all these things I didn’t have anyway when I was back home. I’m a very dangerous man, very dangerous because I learned at a young age, I have nothing to lose. I learned first hand what is real in life. I’m not surprised I have escaped. I’m surprised how strong I am, still standing, still living. 

The industrial age is gone. The technology age came. Information age came. Coal mining has gone, steel factories closed, shops closing, the economy is crashing, booms went, and jobs are hard to find but I can tell you this one thing right now. You’ll survive. Things will happen, changes will come again and again. But you’ll survive. You’ll live another day. You’ll win even if you think it’s hopeless to do so. You will surprise yourself on how amazing, strong, beautiful, smart, cunning a human being you really are.

 That’s what really surprises me and still does. How no matter what hits you, you will still stand strong. I am still standing strong after all that life threw at me. I am fighting in the revolution of my own life. Do not fear, remember I was 9 years old thousands of miles I traveled alone to the west.”

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