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I am the mask revealed

that moment when now becomes then

and repeating

you hold your breath

and touch the edge of quiet

that is where I am

the moment trapped

inside the glass bottle

and flung into the sea.

Will the message rise and fall

forever on the waves?

Or washed ashore

a mask in a bottle

a message lost

to be found

and read aloud in a 6-year-olds voice

stumbling over words

and revealing only the fact

that the mystery is now gone…

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    I think sunrise is the best!

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    I think sunset is best!

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. This is a tough question. Love the boat btw. Zoom zoom. I hope you get to enjoy this summer. Okay, about that question…. I am a morning person, I love watching the sunrise. No ones awake, the house and streets are quiet, then that morning light hits. The blues, then the sunrise.. BUT, I like the colors of a sunset better, more golden tones vs the blue ones. Usually more dramatic colors, but I have a hard time staying awake long enough in the summer to catch any.

  2. Can’t choose between sunrise and sunset, they are totally beautiful but different experiences.
    I was reminded of a time when we found a bottle with a message saying ‘God is love’ on the beach.


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