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Human is a part of nature or nature is superior to human?

When you are in nature, notice how things are moving and vibrating. See how things happen naturally, as the whole process is one movement.

Are we separate from the vibration of nature? Is there a line that separates human from the whole? Is there a boundary between us and the world? Are there an inner and outer side of nature as humans usually have? Are we separate from the life of nature?

And if we are a part of nature why nature looks superior to us, sending all those natural challenges?What do you see, what do you feel when you dissolve in nature?

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    Do you feel being a part of nature?

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    Do you feel that nature is superior to us?

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  1. Humans vs nature is a huge theme. We are part of nature. We carry seawater inside of us. Sadly the composition of the water is of primordial sea millions of years ago.

    We are an Apex predator.

    But, would you take the human being or any other apex predator in a one on one battle without tools or weapons?

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