The workout: ROKA Turnaround 200

Mid-week I looked forward to making my way out to the Des Plaines River trail this weekend. The trail has officially been solidified as one of my preferred places to run on the weekend because I am typically off of work and have no time restraints that I usually have throughout the weekdays. 

I ran into many friendly trail walkers during this run; most just out for a stroll with their family members on this peaceful trail. It always puts a smile on my face because running can be so lonesome at times, especially on a trail like the Des Plaines River trail. 

Des Plaines River trailAs expected, the trail felt extra obstacle-like because of our recent storm that knocked down a lot of trees in Chicago, and Chicagoland.  The goal prior to going out was to run 4 miles total to contribute to the August Run Challenge, and Alzheimer’s Society – Run for Dementia. Lately I have been utilizing the interval feature on my Garmin watch to guide me instead of looking at my phone to see what mileage I am at. I simply just punch in the distance I want to run and the Garmin watch beeps when I hit it as well as my turnaround point which I calculate with what distance I want to go. With this workout I just went 2 miles out-and-back. Good times!   The goal is to either go back out later to log more run miles, or either walk miles. A preferable distance to either run or walk is 3 miles to get me at the half-way mileage for ‘Run for Dementia’ or the August Walk Challenge. I am slightly lagging for the August Run Challenge, but I will pick it up these upcoming weeks due to having an open day to run each week. It will either be 3 miles walked or ran today or tomorrow for either.  

I picked out this cute fitted tank-top that has glitter stripes across it prior to heading out my door, but ended up going with the t-shirt instead. I went with it mostly because it would absorb most of my sweat in comparison to the tank-top which it did. In the future I may just carry a towel with me to wipe off the sweat. During the run, I did wish I had brought a little face cloth to wipe the annoying sweat off of my face. Anyway, I hope everyone’s day is going well wherever you are in the world. 

  1. Tank-top by Old Navy
  2. Split running shorts by Under Armour
  3. Go Run Ride – Nite Owl  
  1. ‘Run for Kenya’ t-shirt by Janji Clothing Company
  2. Split running shorts by Under Armour
  3. Go Run Ride – Nite Owl

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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