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How Often Do You Smile?

I have a tendency of greeting almost everyone I see with a “Hello” and a smile. However, I saw a man today who seemed intent on not smiling. That got me thinking of the worth of a smile. How often do you smile?

It is a proven fact that although a smile costs nothing to give, it releases endorphins in the brain that buoys a person’s mood, lowers blood pressure, and slows both respiration and heartbeat. In other words, a smile has been proven to be good for your health.

What’s more, the endorphins are released in both the person who is smiling and the person or people who are seeing that smile. A smile is also contagious. That has also been proven by researchers at UC Berkeley. A smiling person entered groups of non-smiling people and within two minutes, a large portion of those crowds were also smiling. 

Other findings: People were 80% more likely to react favorably to something said by someone who was smiling.

About three-quarters of people are more apt to trust a smiling person than a person who doesn’t smile.

People are much more likely to want to be around people who smile a lot than those who don’t.

People are more likely to be considered beautiful or handsome if they smile a lot.

People who smile a lot tend to have fewer illnesses, especially headaches, than those who don’t.

This one is somewhat surprising: People who smile a lot tend to make more money than those who don’t.

If you want to improve your health while also brightening the day of others, start smiling more often.

  • How often do you smile?

    • Very often
    • More often than not
    • Not often
    • more often in private than in public
    • only when something amuses me
    • rarely. I tend to be a grumpy person.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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